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5 Tips To Set Your Project Up For Success

“When given an opportunity, deliver excellence and never quit."

This quote by filmmaker Robert Rodriguez, is at the heart of any truly passionate creative.  The desire to create great content is inherent in every professional production. 

The biggest obstacle is that, as artists, we have great taste, but often are not sure how to set up a production to create content that matches our sophisticated taste.  In this ever changing technological world, options are limitless.  Unfortunately, budgets are not.

Let's take a look at 5 ways you can set your project up for success from the beginning.

1.   Begin with the end in mind

So often, productions are undertaken by the words "We need a video!"  However, the target audience, it's intended viewing platform, marketing support allocated to it's release, and it's place alongside current and future marketing efforts are often ignored.  Nothing exists in a vacuum.  A video production, while a great tool to communcate with your audience, is most effective when it has the support of additional marketing efforts to help it along.

2.   Start with what you have

After 23 years of filming for large and small clients, we have found that almost every company has the resources internally to tell a great story.  Most companies have someone with voice training to record voiceovers.  Most companies have someone with acting experience who would be comfortable on-camera  Most companies have the location resources they need to creatively tell a story.  Make  a list of what you have, then plan form there.

3.  Know your goals before you start.

While having a story is the beginning of any production, you need to know who is going to see this, and what you want their reaction to be.  If you are trying to pitch a TV series, the goal is different than trying to gain more clients/subscribers.  Know what you want to do, and make every decision towards that goal.

4.  Cost is different from Value

It's ironic, that in the arts, items of little or no cost can add tremendous value to a production.  It could be something small, such as a prop from the Dollar General that allows you to create shots that add value to your production.

5.  Keep it simple.

This age-old adage is the mantra of great work.  The most impactful images are created not by what is added to the image, but what is taken away.  Simple is often better.  Sure there are times when the shot requires complexity to achieve a certain look or feel.  So save your energy for those shots, and keep everything else simple.  The contrast will make the complex shots more impactful.

These 5 tips, when put to use, can increase the value of almost any video or still photography production.  Remember, video and photography are creative endeavors.  Be creative in all aspects of the project for the best results.

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