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Custom Lens Flare

The beauty of being an artist is the ability to control every aspect of your final product.  Whether it be a painting, a sculpture, or a film, the hands of the artist are required to touch every aspect.  Not only is this a often a practical consideration, but it's also a lot of fun.

Making Lens Flare

As cinematographers, we spend much of our time trying to eliminate any technical influences in our art.  The conventional wisdom goes like this: " If the viewer notices the camera, we've failed."  However, lens flare has been proven to be a useful tool in conveying emotion during a shot, like this shot:

While lens flare was traditionally created in-camera, the advent of digital technology, often results in creating lens flare in post.  Though this approach is often quicker, it does have a tendency of being over-used.  Any JJ Abrams fan can surely attest to this!

However, by creating lens flare in-camera to be used in post, the results can be more organic, and more controlled at the same time.  We created these flares in-studio with this setup.

We used an Arri 650 mounted on a Kessler Jib to create these flares.  We shot stills from a number of angles, facilitated by this Kessler jib, and some with movement both vertically and horizontally.  

We even used some in our 2016 Video Reel.  

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