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The State of Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is here to stay.  Here's why:

Virtual reality allows you to focus on an experience you may never get to have on your own.  For companies, it can give your customers the opportunity to preview thier expierence with your brand before commiting to purchasing it.  This has served companies such as Volvo,

and Merrel,

quite well.  By putting their viewers in the drivers seat, or across the globe in an exotic vacation destination, they have already created an emotional connection with their clients for future sales.

In order to create successful 360 content, a new language must be developed.  Slapping a logo on a piece of content will simply not work on this canvas.  This new language has not been fully explored.  But there are some thoughts to keep in mind.

In traditional 2d video production, only the seen part of the world need be created for the viewer to see.  In virtual reality, the filmmaker must create an entire world for the viewer to be immersed in.  This means populating the entire environment with interesting and entertaining content.

While the environment is populated with cool stuff, the viewers attention needs to be guided to what we want them to look at.  A great example of this work is this video, featuring First Lady Michelle Obama.  The use of graphics to guide and inform the viewer is an effective technique to get viewers to see what you want them to see, and keep them interested.

But virtual reality is not without it's pitfalls.  The most prevelant pitfall is creating a lasting nausious feeling in the viewer, that will be a day-long remembereance of their experience with your brand.  Careful pre-production, extensive testing, and experience will help avoid this mistake.

Another potential pitfall is a video without enough to keep the viewers attention.  With the enormous amount of content available on youtube and the web, boring content is the death of the effort.

To say the least, the bar is contantly rising in the virtual reality space.  More companies are entering the market every day.  Some amazing creative is being produced, in all types of markets, and for all types of products.  The future of virtual reality looks strong.

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